Goke Global training arm is focused in helping organisations achieve their strategic ambitions and deliver tangible results. We develop the type of people organisations need to succeed. We deliver customized, challenging, inspiring and energising training programmes for all staff.
As you are aware, the only real sustainable source of competitive advantage an organisation has is its people. Thus the training we offer targets senior human resource professionals or line managers responsible for strategy implementation through HR management.
This programme will encourage the attendee to analyze his/her current performance and establish where changes are required - personally, as a function, and in the organisation.
S/he will be able to:

  • Contribute to the formulation of strategy within his organisation.
  • Diagnose and recommend appropriate structures, organizational designs and human resource systems to support the implementation of specific business strategies.
  • Translate this into an HR strategy.
  • Deliver this HR strategy through relevant planning.
  • Identify and diagnose potential areas for change.
  • Develop a detailed action plan for change and developments in HR policies.
  • Implement practices to reinforce strategic direction.

To discover more about our various training programmes, please go to our information request page, email:   or call Isaac on + 254 721 803 784