Goke Global Social Research arm works with international and community development organizations engaged in social work. You are part of our client base if you work in the following fields:

  • Human development
  • Social policy
  • Public administration
  • Program evaluation

Where do we come in?
We also partner with our clients during /project implementation

How do we come in?
We design and conduct monitoring and evaluation surveys. Monitoring means tracking the key elements of programme performance on a regular basis (inputs, activities, results), in contrast, evaluation is the episodic assessment of the change in targeted results that can be attributed to the programme/project intervention, or the analysis of inputs and activities to determine their contribution to results. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) helps programme implementers to: determine the extent to which the programme/project is on track and to make any needed corrections accordingly; make informed decisions regarding operations management and service delivery; ensure the most effective and efficient use of resources; evaluate the extent to which the programme/project is having or has had the desired impact.

For more information, please contact us through the information request page,
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