Goke Global Business Research provides the tools to improve organizational performance and profitability. 

Your organization is part of our target client if you are keen on: 

  • Discovering new product and service development ideas;
  • Determining what makes your customers loyal;
  • Understanding customer issues and relationships to your employees;
  • Achieving a competitive edge with satisfied customers

Where do we come in?
We offer crucial service during new product/service development by backing up ideas with authoritative data and information on customer preferences and trends.
We also come in after product launch to help you understand how well you meet customer needs.

How do we come in?
We design and conduct customer satisfaction surveys covering the following standard topics; customer loyalty, product performance, sales process, service & support and communications.
Understanding and caring for the needs of customers is key to building loyalty and sales growth. Customer satisfaction surveys can reveal a variety of different problems that a company may have with its customers. For example, a company may need to find out why a particular product is not selling or having a high level of returns. The customer satisfaction survey benefits the customer and the company. The customer benefits because it is a medium for him to vent and voice his opinion about a product or service. The benefit to the company is that it finds out the truth about the product, employees and how the customer views the company. Making changes from the information found in a customer satisfaction survey can help a company increase profits by making more sales to satisfied customers.

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