Goke Global Social Research works with international and community development organizations engaged in social work. You are part of our client base if you work in the following fields:

  • Human development
  • Social policy
  • Public administration
  • Program evaluation

Where do we come in?
We partner with our clients before program/project initiation
How do we come in?
We partner with you to provide authoritative data and information that can measure the scope and success of your interventions. We do this by conducting baseline surveys.
A baseline survey provides the actual measurements of certain parameters prior to implementation of a project or programme. It is the starting point for monitoring that provides a comprehensive characterization of a phenomenon in a project area so that later changes in its attributes can be measured. Baseline surveys are therefore an important component of project monitoring and evaluation. We design and conduct socio-economic baseline surveys based on project/programme logframe to document socio-economic and environmental status before a project or programme is initiated. The surveys are crucial in providing the foundation for policy formulation and in program/project design.

For more information, please contact us through the information requests page,
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