Goke Global Business Research provides investors with information necessary to make sound investment decisions. Our target client pool includes investors who are keen on:

  • Making informed decisions;
  • Reducing risk and avoiding hidden pitfalls;
  • More accurate valuations;
  • Improved negotiating positions;
  • Enhanced time and resource utilization;
  • Minimizing bad investments and;
  • Focused market opportunities

If you are keen on the above, then you are our target client.
Where do we come in?
Before making any investment it is very important to rigorously assess the technical aspects of a potential investment to ensure that your financial investments are based on authoritative investment data.  We can help you with your project risk assessment by providing you with a detailed review of all technical aspects of your potential investment.

How do we come in?
Our technical due diligence experts will conduct an examination and verification of management, operations, financial, legal and other material facts. If you don't do your "due diligence" in a business situation, you may end up buying something that isn't as you thought it was, or you may end up in a business relationship that may be troublesome. Due diligence emphasizes understanding and quantifying the risk of the proposed deal, rather than the upside. Trust but always verify information on potential investments. This verification process consists of checking the accuracy of business plans, audited accounts, and management accounts; getting replies to warranty and other standard questionnaires; patent searches; and technical studies. Unpublished accounting information and subjective information are equally important; these data are collected by calling customers, suppliers, lawyers, and bankers, and by checking trade journals. Call on us to conduct due diligence for you.

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